Article: GlobalLogic’s strategy for preparing workforce for emerging technologies

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GlobalLogic’s strategy for preparing workforce for emerging technologies

"Equipping our talent with the latest tech stack, continuous learning, and skills development continuously empowers them to explore diverse career paths," says Shuchita Shukla, Head of Talent - India at GlobalLogic
GlobalLogic’s strategy for preparing workforce for emerging technologies

Is the talent prepared to work with AI-based technologies? What strategies should organizations employ to empower their employees with upskilling and reskilling opportunities to acquire the necessary skills for emerging technologies? How are women in the technology sector advancing towards leadership positions? In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Shuchita Shukla, Head of Talent Acquisition - India at GlobalLogic, shared practical insights for shaping the ‘workforce of tomorrow’ in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Q. How GlobalLogic is harnessing AI technologies to build a robust talent acquisition framework and enhance the recruitment automation process? 

The talent landscape has undergone a significant transformation, and currently, the talent GlobalLogic is attracting and hiring are mostly millennials and Gen Z. These generations are notably purpose-driven and exhibit a strong inclination toward cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping our work dynamics.

Additionally, it was imperative for us to address issues related to redundant tasks performed by our recruiters and the need for handling large-scale data matching in a systematic manner. Being a highly invested digital platform engineering company, we specialize in developing solutions that address such challenges.

Therefore, our approach involved automating our entire talent acquisition process, commencing from the initial sourcing and connection with potential talent through their integration into GlobalLogic. This automation initiative has several key benefits. First and foremost, it enhances process efficiency. Moreover, it enables us to derive valuable insights and data points from our rigorous pre-employment assessments.

To achieve this, we collaborated with reputable third-party organizations known for their excellence in this domain. These partnerships allowed us to optimize certain aspects of our talent acquisition process. Additionally, we leveraged our in-house tools and custom-built solutions to automate various stages of the process.

In essence, we have successfully implemented a comprehensive platform solution that streamlines our talent acquisition journey. This not only makes the process more candidate-friendly but also significantly enhances its efficiency and scalability.

Q. What are some initiatives undertaken by GlobalLogic to attract and retain talent in the midst of an ongoing talent war, layoffs, and moonlighting in the tech industry? 

Moonlighting, a practice that has existed for quite some time, has gained significant prominence in recent years. The events of the past two years have brought it to the forefront of discussions across the board. It is crucial to understand that the talent we pursue is exceptionally discerning. They have a clear vision of where they want to be, the type of company they wish to align with, and a strong desire for a sense of purpose beyond mere work. It's no longer solely about compensation when changing jobs; it's about finding a company that aligns with their values and allows them to be their authentic selves.

At GlobalLogic, we firmly believe in embracing individuals as complete entities. Our culture reflects this belief, as evidenced by our various programmes that extend beyond the workplace. We are deeply committed to social initiatives, such as education programmes for children in different parts of the country and environmental efforts like tree planting. These initiatives provide our employees with opportunities to contribute beyond their work roles. Additionally, we have thriving sports teams that foster healthy competition and a sense of camaraderie. This holistic approach to personal development is highly valued by today's talent.

Furthermore, our commitment to providing the latest tech stack, continuous learning, and skills development is a vital aspect of our culture. With 13 academies dedicated to skill enhancement and certification, our employees can continually upskill and explore diverse career paths.

Talent mobility is another cornerstone of our approach. We offer opportunities for talent to work on various projects, explore different technologies, and even change locations. This flexibility resonates strongly with the talent pool we seek to attract. Importantly, we rely on our employees as our most significant advocates. We prioritize their experiences and real-time insights, which have proven invaluable in attracting and retaining top talent. Our approach is not centered on heavy marketing expenditures but rather on the genuine enthusiasm of our team members."

Regarding moonlighting, we discourage any activities that present a conflict of interest with an individual's role within our organization. We communicate this stance to our talent, fostering an ongoing dialogue about the importance of avoiding conflicting interests. However, we wholeheartedly support pursuits that do not conflict with our work at GlobalLogic. Whether it's baking, dancing, or any non-conflicting interest, we encourage our employees to pursue their passions outside of work. We understand the significance of work-life balance and provide our team members with the time and space to enjoy these activities, as long as they do not compromise their commitments to the organization.

In conclusion, our approach to talent acquisition and retention is based on a comprehensive understanding of the evolving expectations of today's workforce, while also maintaining a clear stance on conflict of interest issues.

Q. With emphasis on driving Learning and development (L&D), what are some initiatives that GlobalLogic is moving ahead with for upskilling and reskilling employees for a future-ready workforce? 

Learning is ingrained in the culture of GlobalLogic. In this fast-paced era, technology evolves rapidly, with new iterations emerging before we fully grasp the previous versions. As an organization at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, we recognize the importance of fostering a continuous learning environment. Consequently, we have equipped nearly all of our team members with learning licenses and access to one of the most extensive learning platforms available. This empowers each individual to pursue courses aligned with their preferences and needs.

In 2020, we identified a shortage of the kind of digital talent required to tackle the challenges of our clients and foster innovation.

  • In response, we established our Learning Talent Engine 2.0, a transformative talent development platform integrated into our talent supply journey. This platform operates as an integral part of our approach. Within this framework, we run academies specializing in niche and composite skills, offering learning opportunities that span from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the specific upskilling objectives.
  • We also offer extended programs, some lasting up to 11 or 10 months, through architect academies with rigorous assessments. Completion of these programs results in certification and the evolution of the individual's skill set.
  • Our educational initiatives encompass team members at various career stages. Fresh hires, especially those recruited from our partner universities, receive specialized course material and access to our extensive academy and finishing school network upon joining. Lateral talent is encouraged to continuously enrol and upskill, with a keen eye on their learning progress and professional growth.
  • Our commitment to a culture of learning extends to support functions as well. Team members across the organization are encouraged to acquire new skills and stay updated on market trends and industry-specific advancements. 
  • We also harness the capabilities of our learning platform to create targeted academies that cover various domains and technology sectors. This approach aligns with the insatiable appetite for knowledge among our tech-savvy talent.
  • Our annual hackathons serve as a highlight of our commitment to learning. These events bring our teams together to code, fueled by caffeine and determination, often for up to 48 hours. The innovative solutions produced during these events have been successfully implemented by our clients.

In essence, this multifaceted approach creates an environment of continuous learning and talent transformation, an ongoing journey rather than a final destination. We believe that by sustaining this commitment, upskilling and learning will remain an integral part of everything we do.

Q. In view of Diversity and Inclusion, how you are nurturing women towards leadership? Can you share some programmes with examples? 

At GlobalLogic, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in our organizational values and leadership approach. We recognize the significance of having diversity not just at entry and mid-level positions but also at the highest echelons of our organization. This commitment is exemplified in the way leadership operates, both top-down and bottom-up.

As an example, I lead the Talent Acquisition function for APAC, a position I've attained through the supportive environment, trust in my abilities, and commitment to diversity within the organization. It's not just about entry-level diversity or helping women rise from the middle ranks; it's about ensuring diversity at the highest levels. To this end, we've implemented various programs and initiatives to empower and mentor women in their career progression.

  • Our HR teams run continuous programs to support women at various career stages. The Women Influencers program, for instance, aids women in leadership positions by defining their career paths and providing mentorship from senior leaders to help them ascend to higher levels. Additionally, we have dedicated communities such as FlemBloom, where newly hired women can connect with the regional women's network, offering support and collaboration.
  • We are actively working to expand the pipeline of women in the organization by setting targets and leveraging events like 'Wonder Women in Tech,' where we focus on interviewing women in technology roles. We build networks by engaging with talented women in technology and showcasing GlobalLogic as an exciting and inclusive workplace.
  • Internally, we are continually developing programs to support women already within the organization, helping them map their career paths, identify skill gaps, and provide assistance for upskilling.
  • We firmly believe that diversity not only brings value but also contributes to our overall business success. The business case for diversity is well-established, and we are committed to working towards our targets. We aim to surpass the goal set by Hitachi of having 30% women by 2030, as we are steadily approaching that milestone.

In essence, our commitment to diversity extends both externally and internally, recognizing the importance of supporting and empowering women throughout their career journey. We are fully aware that the more diverse we are, the more successful we will become, and this remains a core focus of our organization.

Q. Please share insights on GlobalLogic’s strategy for preparing a digital workforce of tomorrow in today’s evolving tech landscape. 

We firmly believe in building a comprehensive talent channel that spans from campuses to the transformation of tech talent into high-quality digital professionals. Our approach involves investing in talent at every stage, ensuring they are well-prepared for the corporate world. To achieve this, we have established partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with top universities, engaging with students as early as their fifth or sixth semesters. This allows us to identify and onboard the best talent early in their academic journey, subsequently nurturing and developing them within our organization.

Our commitment to transforming tech talent into digital talent is at the core of our talent transformation engine. Many Indian companies possess substantial pools of tech talent, but the current demand is for high-quality digital talent adept at working with cutting-edge digital technologies and product engineering. 

Our investment in educators, in-house course content creation, and external content acquisition is geared towards equipping both fresh and lateral talent with the skills required for the digital workforce of tomorrow.

Furthermore, we actively fulfil our corporate responsibility by partnering with schools, providing support and sponsorship, and our digital talent contributes by volunteering their time to educate children. This early exposure to engineers and digital professionals can inspire young students to consider such a career path, creating a positive impact from the outset.

Our commitment to learning and development is unwavering. We provide a comprehensive learning platform that empowers all our team members to pursue upskilling in various areas, ensuring their continuous growth and adaptation to evolving technologies. This holistic approach from campus engagement to continuous learning and development enables us to build a dynamic and highly skilled workforce for the future.

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