Article: Skill development, certification must be recognised: Sougata Roy


Skill development, certification must be recognised: Sougata Roy

In conversation with Sougata Roy Choudhury, Director -Skills & Affirmative Action, CII

Everyone I have spoken with, says that the growth and future of the skilling industry actually depends on how the industry itself takes ownership of ensuring that skill development and certification becomes recognized. Otherwise, there is a problem in the learner not being so anxious about these courses and the employer not being so keen on investing the extra money to skill people. Everybody is running with the target requirement to skill 500 million people by 2022 as per the Prime Minister’s mandate. The ultimate objective is the same. The industry requires manpower so people will adopt different methodologies to acquire the sectoral requirements. The industry is still at a very nascent stage and it is a learning experience. There are many players and many are doing a lot of innovative things, and I think it should be left like that. Instead of trying to put a structure to it, it should be left open. People should be encouraged to generate more ideas 

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Topics: Skilling, Talent Acquisition, C-Suite

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