Article: Learntech to your rescue in an ambiguous world

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Learntech to your rescue in an ambiguous world

To empower the growth and career path for employees and to sync their skills with the emerging industry trends, leader sponsorship and investments in L&D play a crucial role.
Learntech to your rescue in an ambiguous world

The disruptions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a major impact on every aspect of an organisation from hiring strategies to work plans to investments in skill enhancement learning and training. In a world reeling from the after effects of a pandemic, it has become clear that organisations need to be able to understand the changes they need to make to transition to the new world of work quickly.

In an exclusive webcast- People Matters L&D Conference 2021, Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn Americas Inc., Anand Narayanan and Vice HR APAC GDCoE at CGI, Ritesh Ranjan shared insights on the significance of learning and development and how it can never take a backseat.

Big takeaways to create a resilient learning culture in an organisation

Ranjan outlined a few crucial aspects including leader sponsorship, and investments in learning and development as a key differentiator. Organisations are putting much more emphasis on investments to man an empowering growth path for employees and the company. With the retention rates declining and considering the market position in these challenging times, L&D investments cater to a key part of the value proposition. Employers are effectively leveraging training, skill enhancement, and performance management to attract talent. The whole idea is basically persona driven, learning path driven rather than a discrete set of offerings that people themselves pick and learn. Some organisations might tag learning as a discretionary spend and tend to put it off in order to minimize costs. Organisations like CGI have doubled down on investments on learning,  and grown by 33 percent over the last 18 months.

Strategic investments in learning and development are the need of the hour and leader sponsorship acts as a strategic differentiator.

Leader sponsorship and budget management: How to succeed

Human resource management and employers tend to be more persuasive in putting emphasis on learning. Executing the idea and showcasing affirmative results to leaders is one way to pave the way to sponsorship. Demonstrating to leaders that investments on learning and skill enhancement have the ability to create a potential difference, can not only influence leaders but render business growth as well. Gaining confidence through success and scaling it further is the key.

Impact measurement and skill management to have skill capability training models

In the rapidly evolving times, it is difficult to forecast demand and manage the supply in terms of skill training and learning. But with skill inventory and glossary along with defined personas, one can formulate or establish a measurable career path. It further allows us to trace progress and gives insight to utilize right and fit talent in the right place at the right time.

Meanwhile, having an understanding of digital skills is also important. The glossary aids in standardizing assessments. 

How tech enabled learning can be effective

Tech-enabled learning creates a tangible learning path, specifically aligned to the needs and aspirations. Technology helps in laying out a clear path as to what the journey ahead is and what it entails. It gives a structure to it and makes it easier to pursue.

Ranjan further pointed out the vitality of self-learning catering to the anticipated gradual fading of attention in longer spans of learning such as webinars or other virtual teaching modes. Self-learning and project management can be a solution to it. People indulge themselves into teachings and are provided with mentors, qualified scholars to aid them with doubts or issues they might face along the learning journey. The presence of mentors makes learning more immersive and learners more project ready.

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