Article: Top 5 corporate L&D trends HR leaders suggest to look out for in 2024

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Top 5 corporate L&D trends HR leaders suggest to look out for in 2024

From personalised skill development driven by AI to the fusion of technology and human empathy, the corporate arena is witnessing a paradigm shift in learning and development.
Top 5 corporate L&D trends HR leaders suggest to look out for in 2024

The role of Learning and Development (L&D) has become pivotal in shaping a future-ready workforce. People Matters asked HR leaders of Siemens India, Cognizant, and Castrol India about the trends that are expected to influence the learning and development landscape in 2024.

Shilpa Kabra Maheshwari, EVP & Country Head (People & Organisation-HR), Siemens India identifies five key trends shaping the L&D landscape in India amid transformative technological advancements and evolving businesses:

Learner-centric and Hyper-personalized Learning Pathways: Accelerating programs catering to diverse learning styles, preferences, growth mindset, and career aspirations.

Ecosystem-Based Learning: Emphasising collaborative and community-based learning to gain diverse perspectives and accelerate learning experiences.

Learning that Matters: Shifting focus from accumulating learning hours to learning that is nuanced to business goals, yielding significant business scale and impact.

Collective Capability Building: Building workforce capability aligned with organizational growth, fostering innovative learning opportunities across the organization.

Integration of Gen AI: Leveraging the power of Generative AI for personalized learning experiences, tailored content, and automation of repetitive tasks in the L&D process.

“As organisations navigate these trends, the common thread is the acknowledgment that learning is a key driver for building a future-ready and resilient organization. The fusion of technology, human empathy, and a commitment to continuous learning emerges as the cornerstone for success in the ever-evolving corporate landscape of 2024,” says Shilpa.

Saransh Agrawal, Global Head - Learning and Development, Cognizant, envisions a revolution in personalised skill development facilitated by AI in the dynamic space of learning and development (L&D).

He emphasises the role of AI as a digital counselor, tailoring recommendations based on individual profiles, organisational demands, and career aspirations. “Beyond personalisation, the transformative aspect lies in empowering individuals to curate learning paths, create user-generated content, and showcase skills in unique ways. The delicate balance between technology and human interactions, marked by empathy and sincerity, defines a new playbook for profound learning experiences,” says Agrawal.

Tech-driven disruption necessitates a fresh approach

The business landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by technological disruption, necessitating a fresh HR approach to stay competitive, says Maria Valles, Vice President, People and Culture, Castrol India. According to her this shift not only defines the way we learn, interact, and work but also becomes a cornerstone of the significant trend in learning and development (L&D).

“The spotlight in 2024 is on cultivating a trifecta of skills — AI proficiency, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and a Growth Mindset. Preserving the human touch becomes paramount as AI shapes our landscape. Nurturing EQ becomes a strategic imperative at Castrol India, intertwining human empathy with technological prowess,’ says Maria who expects that the dynamic strategy of gamification will take center stage, injecting engagement and speed into the learning process.

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