People Matters

Compensation & Benefits Lead (Global)
Delhi, India
Experience: 7 years
Employment Type: Remote
Source: LinkedIn

About the company:

Atlas enables innovative companies to compete in a global economy, believing that businesses should employ whomever they want, wherever the talent exists. As the largest Direct Employer of Record (EOR), Atlas is an expertise-enabled technology platform that delivers flexibility for companies to expand across borders, onboard talent, manage compliance, and pay their global workforce without the need for a local entity or multiple third-party providers. With entities in over 160 countries, Atlas brings localized experience & expertise into an enterprise-grade technology platform that supports thousands of companies and remote teams. Unlike solutions that use third-party providers, the Atlas platform is uniquely designed to deliver end-to-end EOR solutions and improved user experiences, and provide self-service capabilities and real-time insights that lead to improved business outcomes.

Role and responsibilities:

• Develop, implement, and maintain compensation and benefits programs for our global workforce, including base pay, bonus structure, equity/shares component, pension plans, health and welfare, and other employee benefits.
• Conduct market research and benchmarking to ensure that our compensation and benefits programs are competitive and aligned with industry standards per region.
• Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
• Oversee the administration of employee benefits globally, including health insurance, pension plans, and other benefits programs.
• Provide guidance and support to our employees on compensation and benefits matters, including answering queries, resolving issues, and addressing concerns.
• Collaborate with other HR functions, such as Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, and Learning and Development, to ensure that our compensation and benefits programs are integrated with other HR processes.
• Analyze compensation and benefits data to identify trends, issues, and opportunities for improvement.
• Prepare and present reports and recommendations to senior leadership on compensation and benefits matters.

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