News: Abhijit Bhaduri joins Microsoft’s Talent, Learning and Insights team


Abhijit Bhaduri joins Microsoft’s Talent, Learning and Insights team

An industry veteran with over three decades of experience in the HR space, Abhijit served as director of human resources at the tech giant between March 2008 and July 2009.
Abhijit Bhaduri joins Microsoft’s Talent, Learning and Insights team

Abhijit Bhaduri, the leadership and personal branding coach and CEO of Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates, has announced that he is joining Microsoft as part of the Talent, Learning, and Insights team. He will be based at the US HQ in Redmond, US. Abhijit announced the news in a LinkedIn post.

Abhijit's second stint at Microsoft will make this a "boomerang" moment for him. In the past, he served as Director of Human Resources at the tech giant between March 2008 and July 2009. 

Along with his role as an L&D leader, Abhijit Bhaduri wears many hats. One of the proverbial hats he wears is the podcast host of his channel “Dreamers and Unicorns 2.0”, a weekly podcast that demystifies the dreams of market shapers and dreamers.  

A podcast that inspires professionals and employers alike, People Matters shares with you the three must-watch episodes of the series :

1) Personal Branding for Introverts

Albert Einstein. Bill Gates. Steven Spielberg. Elon Musk. 

Yes, all the names above are introverts and yes, all of them are highly successful individuals.

So how can introverts of the world brand themselves the way the luminaries did?

Find answers to your questions with Abhijit and communication specialist Karthik Srinivasan to find out how YOU can build your brand! A must-watch for all.

2) Sharath Jeevan - The Magic of Motivation 

‘Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do.

Abhijit hosts Sharath Jeevan OBE, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, and candidly discusses how the right kind of motivation can kick-start an idea that will spread from the employee to employers and the value of intrinsic motivation.

An important question for you, do you love what you do or do what you love? 

3) 5 Timeless Career Lessons

What do you make of a ‘pi-shaped (π) career’?

Imagine your career trajectory in the shape of a symbol from Greece, with two pillars and a straight line that caps it up! After all, how to identify which part is 'growth' and which part is 'insights'? 

Learn with Abhijit as he discusses the intuitive nature of the Greek symbol in terms of career building with Pratik Kumar, CEO of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering. An interesting podcast for professionals who are analysing their career paths.

Another hat that Abhijit wears is as the author of two bestselling books: “The Digital Tsunami; Don't Hire the Best” and "Dreamers & Unicorns: How leadership, talent, and culture are the new growth drivers."

An industry veteran who has led HR and L&D teams for the past two decades, Abhijit's contributions in the field are of the highest quality and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

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