News: Post layoffs, Amazon postpones joining dates for campus hires until next year

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Post layoffs, Amazon postpones joining dates for campus hires until next year

Having faced the challenge of overhiring, Amazon has now shifted its focus towards cost reduction and revenue growth.
Post layoffs, Amazon postpones joining dates for campus hires until next year

Following the termination of thousands of employees, Amazon has postponed the joining dates of several IIT and IIM hires, as reported by Business Today (BT). The publication interviewed individuals from IITs and IIMs who revealed that their offers had been deferred by Amazon. 

The tech giant had recently laid off approximately 9,000 employees, after having fired over 18,000 earlier in the year. Amazon had been grappling with the challenge of overhiring, and now the company has shifted its focus to cost reduction and revenue growth.

According to a graduate from IIT Bombay who spoke to BT, he was initially hired as a Software Development Engineer, but his offer letter has now been postponed until January.

“I was recruited at Amazon at SDE-1 with a CTC of around 30 lpa. I was supposed to join in June, but I got an email from HR saying that the offer has been deferred. My next joining is set in January. This is across IITs. I know several other people from other campuses who had interned with me, even their offer letters have been deferred,” he said.

Expressing his concerns, the IIT graduate emphasised that waiting for six months without a job is excessively long, and he cannot afford to wait until then. Consequently, he stated his intention to proactively seek new opportunities. He remarked, "I can’t wait for six months, it will not reflect well on my profile. The market is tough but I have started connecting with alumni and started looking for other opportunities."

As per the publication, individuals from the NIITs also disclosed that their offer letters had been deferred. A placement cell coordinator from an NIT mentioned, "The offer letters of NIT students have also been postponed. In some cases, offers have even been revoked, as I have become aware."

In a recent development, Amazon carried out another round of layoffs last week, resulting in the dismissal of approximately 500 employees from different departments in India. This downsizing effort aligns with the broader workforce reduction plan announced by CEO Andy Jassy in March, which impacted approximately 9,000 individuals. 

Notably, Amazon joins the ranks of other prominent technology companies, such as Meta and Google, who have also been engaged in restructuring their workforce in recent times.

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