News: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer 'accidentally' fires employees


Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer 'accidentally' fires employees

Sources say, the company had put people on the lay-off list but they were not supposed to get fired – people with low performance scale.
Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer 'accidentally' fires employees


Imagine coming to work and your manager comes up to you to deliver the worst news of your life: You are fired! Only to call you in few minutes to tell you: Sorry, didn’t mean to fire you, so you are again back to where you work! It’s not imagination but happened to a dozen of employees at Yahoo! last week. The company CEO Marissa Mayer accidentally fired a dozen of employees last week in a complete bureaucratic goof-up. Last month, Mayer had told in the company meeting that there won’t be any more lay-offs in that week, which was creepy enough to put employee morale down to a real low.

An insider explained to an international publication, “They put people on firing lists who they didn’t mean to — people who were lower on the performance scale but who weren’t meant to get fired. But no one told the managers, and then they had the conversations, and it was like, ‘Oops.

The mistake — which may have affected as many as 30 employees, according to one source — didn’t go over well with some team supervisors, according to insiders.  “This is the only person who does this job — how could you do this?” was a common complaint, a source said. A Yahoo! spokesperson refuted the claims, however, and said there was 'zero truth' to the rumour.

The anonymous source said the managers were not informed that approximately 30 employees were mistakenly listed, so they went ahead and delivered the bad news.

In December SpringOwl, a sizeable Yahoo investor, demanded the company cut more than 80 percent of its workforce and replace chief executive Mayer.

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