News: Tesla sued for 'rampant sexual harassment' of female staff


Tesla sued for 'rampant sexual harassment' of female staff

The complainant purportedly approached HR to raise the concern, but the department allegedly failed to take action.
Tesla sued for 'rampant sexual harassment' of female staff

A woman working at a Tesla factory in California is suing the electric carmaker for its "rampant sexual harassment" of female employees, court documents revealed.

Jessica Barraza, 38, described her "nightmarish" ordeal working the night shift at Tesla for the past three years, during which supervisors and co-workers would frequently make inappropriate remarks and gestures to her and other female workers, she alleged.

The experience was said to have induced panic attacks in Barraza, to the extent that she was "afraid to return to work knowing that her body could be violated at any time with no repercussions," the lawsuit claimed. 

"She is on medication and in therapy, and she is not the same person she used to be."

Barraza also said she raised the concern with her supervisor and the HR department, but that they failed to find a resolution. This prompted her to file the case before the state court in Oakland, California.

Tesla is yet to issue a comment on Barraza's complaint. The company also continues to face other claims of discrimination against employees on the basis of sex, gender, age, race and disability. Last year, at least 30 discrimination cases were lodged before the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California.

Barraza's sexual harassment suit comes just a month after a federal jury decided Tesla was liable for the racism endured by Owen Diaz, a Black former employee. The EV maker was ordered to pay US$137m for purportedly ignoring the racist remarks the complainant received from co-workers, People Matters reported.

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