News: Vantage Circle integrates behavioural science in its platform

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Vantage Circle integrates behavioural science in its platform

To drive this scientific approach, the company built a behavioural science research team to analyse employee behaviour and tailor engagement solutions for each client.
Vantage Circle integrates behavioural science in its platform

Rewards and recognition platform Vantage Circle has announced the integration of behavioural science principles into its platform offerings. The company says this move makes it the first in the industry to incorporate the study of human behaviour into an employee engagement platform.

Behavioural science examines the psychological and social factors that influence how people act and make decisions. Vantage Circle stated that applying these insights can help organisations address workplace challenges around employee motivation, communication barriers, resistance to change and other issues impacting productivity.

To facilitate this new approach, the company has assembled a research and development team comprised of behavioural science experts. Their analyses of employee behaviours, patterns and preferences will inform customised engagement solutions for Vantage Circle's clients.

"Our repositioning leverages cutting-edge research and technology to empower companies to enhance productivity through targeted programs that recognize and reinforce desired employee behaviours," said Partha Neog, CEO and Co-Founder.

Vantage Circle's proprietary tools will map an organisation's core values to specific productive behaviours, which can then be encouraged through rewards, recognition and other incentives enabled by the platform's technology.

The company currently serves over 3.2 million users across more than 700 enterprise clients globally, including major firms like Wipro, Infosys, Bosch and Tata Group companies. 

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