News: 84% of Indian workers believe less time in meetings would boost productivity: Survey

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84% of Indian workers believe less time in meetings would boost productivity: Survey

The study reveals that meetings are ineffective in achieving desired outcomes, especially in India, where 70% of respondents feel lonely at work despite attending many meetings, surpassing the global average of 55%.
84% of Indian workers believe less time in meetings would boost productivity: Survey

In the corporate world, meetings are considered essential, but the question remains: do these meetings truly enhance employees' productivity and contribute to their work? 84% of Indian knowledge workers believe they would be more productive if they could reduce the time spent in meetings, revealed a report by Atlassian Corporation, a provider of team collaboration and productivity software. 

The report titled 'Workplace Woes: Meetings Edition,’ underscores the inefficiency of meetings, with respondents stating that meetings fail to achieve their objectives 60% of the time. 

Moreover, participants identified time spent in meetings as the foremost barrier hindering them from completing their daily tasks, ranking it higher than factors such as lack of motivation, unclear goals, unclear responsibilities, and uncertainty about collaboration partners. 

Dom Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian, commented, "At Atlassian, we have been exploring improved work practices for over 20 years. We recognise that teams are increasingly dispersed, but those lacking suitable tools and methodologies may find themselves relying on meetings when they may not be the most effective solution. Teams that revert to traditional methods and schedule meetings without thoughtful planning risk falling behind more effective teams that experiment with and leverage dynamic asynchronous tools such as Loom and Confluence." 

Atlassian has taken a proactive approach to address the challenges revealed by their research, both internally and externally. The study is organised into three main themes, each addressing different aspects of the issues surrounding workplace meetings. 

Firstly, the study highlights the detrimental impact of meeting overload on productivity. Particularly in India, where 90% of respondents struggle to balance their workload alongside attending numerous meetings. A staggering 74% find themselves working overtime multiple days a week due to the burden of excessive meetings. 

Additionally, 80% report feeling drained on days when meetings dominate their schedule. In response to these findings, Atlassian's Team Anywhere Lab conducted an innovative experiment. They empowered employees to structure their workdays around priorities rather than being driven by meetings and notifications. 

Encouragingly, the results showed significant improvements, with 67% of individual contributors and 71% of managers reporting increased progress on their top priorities compared to a typical week. 

Secondly, the study delves into the ineffectiveness of meetings in achieving desired outcomes. This issue is particularly pronounced in India, where 70% of respondents express feelings of loneliness at work despite attending numerous meetings, a higher rate than the global average of 55%. 

Additionally, a staggering 88% find themselves in meetings that conclude with scheduling follow-up meetings, indicating a lack of efficacy. To address this, Atlassian suggests leveraging tools like Loom, a video messaging platform with AI-based transcript features, to combine the benefits of meetings with the convenience of email or Slack. 

Furthermore, they advocate for using Confluence, a content collaboration workspace, to facilitate idea sharing and feedback gathering, ensuring meetings are more fruitful and efficient. Finally, the study emphasises the importance of fostering a meeting culture that prioritizes quality over quantity. 

In India, where 66% frequently attend meetings with no communicated goal, and 82% feel most meetings could be completed in half the time, there's a clear need for improvement. Atlassian suggests practical solutions such as clearly stating the meeting's goal in the invitation, preparing a detailed agenda in advance, and shortening 30-minute meetings to 15 minutes wherever possible. 

Additionally, they offer tools like the Meeting Notes template to facilitate collaboration and idea sharing before meetings, ensuring discussions are more focused and productive. In summary, Atlassian's comprehensive research sheds light on the challenges posed by meeting overload and inefficiency in the modern workplace, particularly in India. 

By offering practical solutions and leveraging innovative tools, they aim to empower organisations to enhance meeting effectiveness and ultimately improve overall productivity and employee well-being.

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