News: GoDaddy India MD Rajiv Sodhi quits & rejoins Microsoft


GoDaddy India MD Rajiv Sodhi quits & rejoins Microsoft

This would be Sodhi's second stint at Microsoft having worked there for 10 years between 2002 and 2012 in various roles.
GoDaddy India MD Rajiv Sodhi quits & rejoins Microsoft

GoDaddy's India & Australia MD & Vice President, Rajiv Sodhi has tendered his resignation and is joining Microsoft to lead its Cloud and Server business starting December. 

Sodhi joined GoDaddy in 2012 and under his guidance the domain seller rolled out several projects, products and services in regional languages in India targeting small business around the country. These services were majorly in Hindi, Tamil and Marathi to enable more small businesses (SMB) across India to build strong online presence. With this, GoDaddy became India’s first domain provider to offer its services in regional languages to target locals.

Sodhi is a Microsoft veteran having worked for the company for a decade before quitting in 2012 as Director – SMB, Cloud and Software Sales to joining GoDaddy.

In his current role, Sodhi will be predominantly responsible for leading the company’s cloud business and compete with AWS, who is its primary competitor in the cloud space in India.

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