News: Automation Anywhere acqui-hires Cathyos Labs for RPA growth

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Automation Anywhere acqui-hires Cathyos Labs for RPA growth

Cathyos Labs’ engineers including the co-founders will be joining the product development team at Automation Anywhere.
Automation Anywhere acqui-hires Cathyos Labs for RPA growth

Automation Anywhere, a leading San Jose-based organization in Robotic Process Automation, has completed the acqui-hire process of Cathyos Labs, a product engineering startup that would enable the organization’s product innovation and expansion. 

As acqui-hires are becoming increasingly commonplace, Cathyos Labs also happens to be the first talent-led acquisition which would enable Automation Anywhere to strengthen its engineering team in order to boost product development, support, and delivery. 

Acqui-hires are usually carried out keeping in mind the company’s talent and with an aim to tap into that human resource more than the particular organization’s products and/or services. 

“There is a growing customer demand for intelligent automation technology in India and across the broader region as organizations seek to improve productivity and lower operating costs,” said Prince Kohli, Chief Technology Officer, Automation Anywhere. “We are eager to welcome the engineers from Cathyos Labs to add their expertise and support to our digital workforce platform, as well as our broader product development teams.” 

As a product engineering startup, the Cathyos Labs’ engineers including the co-founders will join Automation Anywhere’s product engineering team. The goal is to develop products that will support their web-based RPA platform, Enterprise A2019. 

Kumar Saurabh Johny, Co-founder, Cathyos Labs, added that their experience and expertise in RPA and cloud infrastructure scaling would prove crucial in taking the Automation Anywhere’s product development team to the next level. 

Acqui-hires are becoming increasingly popular and common as both established companies and startups realize the value that each one brings to the table. Startups bring in an agile mindset, a new way of approaching old problems, and highly-qualified people who are motivated enough to fuel innovations. While at the same time, an established global leader provides the essential infrastructure and organizational processes that play a crucial role in enabling companies to become sustainable and provide scalable solutions. 

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