News: Japan opens door for Indian IT professionals

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Japan opens door for Indian IT professionals

The country has eased visa rules and has also laid out a process for granting green cards to the most skilled IT professionals.
Japan opens door for Indian IT professionals

In a statement given by Shigeki Maeda, the Executive Vice President at Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a Japanese government body, Japan has plans to recruit 2 lakh Indian IT employees.

There are currently about 9,20,000 IT professionals in the country and there is an immediate demand for 2 lakh more IT professionals from India. According to Maeda, the demand would further increase to 8,00,000 professionals by 2030. He is reported to have told this to the media during the India-Japan Business Partnership Seminar organized by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Jetro.

Apparently, Japan wants to focus on advanced technologies and wants to move away from ‘in-house’ innovation.

“Many Japanese companies feel the limitations to conventional 'in-house innovation' and hence moving towards 'most-advanced IT Technology Capabilities' for which India is an ideal partner to look out for,” according to Maeda.

To fasten the process, the number of required documents has been reduced to three and for people who have already traveled to Japan twice in a year; there is only a requirement to submit passport and visa application form. The visa rules have been relaxed for Indians with effect from 1st January 2018. Further, Japan has set the plan in motion to grant green cards to the most skilled Indian professionals with the process taking not more than one year. As per the report, this process is the fastest in the world.

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