News: IIMs need to streamline placements, say recruiters


IIMs need to streamline placements, say recruiters

The remarks of Satish Pradhan, chief, group human resources, Tata Sons , that campus placements in institutes like IIMs are like auctioning of cattle at Pushkar mela, where cattle are groomed and painted so that they fetch the best price at the auction. In fact he had said, "Just like cattle is paraded and traded at the fair, the highest tag goes to the student with the best performance during the two years (of their programme).” The remarks have evoked strong reaction from the IIMs.

For their part, recruiters believe that IIMs prepare students in totality, but they agree that the placement system needs to be streamlined. There is scope to re-look at the placement system as student expectations have changed. It can be much more streamlined. The placement process in IIMs has become a race for students to bag the best job, and for corporates to bag the best students. The system creates a lot of stress on students days ahead of the placements. There is no guarantee that the present process of slot zero and placement week is impeccable.

However the cohort system, which IIM-A has adopted, is a better process since all companies of the same industry will come together to recruit students at the same time which gives a narrow space for the race.

Source: The Economic Times

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