News: 68 per cent recruiters predict increasing their staffing in 2013


68 per cent recruiters predict increasing their staffing in 2013

Based on a survey of over 1200 employers, states that though recruiters are cautious, the hiring sentiment has improved marginally compared with July 2012, but is still lower than in the beginning of 2012.

According to the survey findings, around 68 per cent recruiters said that new jobs will be created in 2013 as compared to 62 per cent in July 2012 and 72 per cent in January 2012. While banking and IT sector recruiters have stated a positive hiring outlook for 2013, pharmaceuticals and auto sector have revealed low sentiments with only 59 per cent and 52 per cent opting for new jobs to be created in the year. A city-wise segregation shows that recruiters from Hyderabad and Bangalore were most optimistic with 74 per cent and 71 per cent stating that new jobs will be created in their cities.

With specific reference to pay hikes that organisations plan to give out in 2013, the survey sates that for about 40 per cent recruiters the range will be between 10 and 15 per cent. 36 per cent employers said there will be single-digit hikes. Lowest increments were predicted by banking sector employees where 60 per cent said that salary hikes in their organizations will be less than 10 per cent in 2013. In a similar vein, Hay Group’s annual General Industry Compensation Report covering all levels of management expects pay increases of average 11.2 per cent across job roles in 2013. This represents a slight reduction against an actual average salary increase of 12 per cent in 2012.

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