News: Talent creation is the next big opportunity


Talent creation is the next big opportunity

The steady economic growth over the last few years has created multiple opportunities for the country’s youth, who are looking beyond the traditional options of engineering, medicine or law when it comes to pursuing a career. Across sectors such as aviation, telecom, insurance, information technology, manufacturing, retail or real estate, there are several emerging areas providing excellent options for career-seekers. The surge of opportunities in these areas has translated into a huge demand for employable talent. However, though there is no dearth of talent in this country, employable talent or the talent with the right set of skills and abilities for a particular job is still a question mark.

There is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to step in and create business models which help individuals identify their strengths, map it to careers, hone their skills through customized, modularized training and eventually become employable.

Source: Mint

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