News: Yahoo battles brain drain as morale declines


Yahoo battles brain drain as morale declines

Ever since Yahoo fired Chief Executive Carol Bartz in September, its board has been considering proposals from several private-equity firms to take a controlling stake in the company, even as it searches for a new CEO. But many others in Yahoo's ranks, which number close to 14,000, are considering other opportunities as morale declines at the company. Overall, attrition at Yahoo has remained little changed in recent months, but company executives are bracing for a jump in departures following the holidays and the bonus season, which typically occurs early in the year. On its part the company is continuing to hire aggressively to fill its ranks of advertising salespeople, editors to oversee Yahoo's popular sites and computer engineers, among others.

Within Yahoo, top executives including interim CEO Tim Morse, Chief Product Officer Blake Irving and Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo's chief for the Americas, are going about business as usual, working late hours to launch new services and courting Madison Avenue to sell more ads on Yahoo's websites.


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