News: Ahead of Yoga Day, centre proposes Y-break - yoga at office chair to de-stress

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Ahead of Yoga Day, centre proposes Y-break - yoga at office chair to de-stress

The Yoga Break (Y-Break) initiative incorporates various easy Yoga practices, such as asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and dhyana (meditation).
Ahead of Yoga Day, centre proposes Y-break - yoga at office chair to de-stress

The personnel ministry has issued an order urging all central government ministries and departments to embrace and promote a new Yoga protocol known as Y-Break - Yoga at office chair. Employees are encouraged to take short breaks during work hours to engage in this practice, aimed at relieving stress, refreshing the mind, and enhancing focus. The Centre aims to foster the adoption of this initiative across various workplaces. 

"Y-Break at workplace was introduced by the Ministry of AYUSH with an aim to get de-stressed, refreshed and re-focused at the workplace. The feedback of the protocol has been very encouraging. The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Ministry of AYUSH has added new features for the officials, who owing to their busy schedule, cannot go out and practice Yoga," it said, reported PTI. 

According to the order dated June 12, officials now have the opportunity to derive personal benefits from their office chairs by engaging in a brief Yoga protocol known as Y-Break@workplace yoga. This practice aims to refresh, de-stress, and refocus individuals while they remain seated in their office environment.

The Government of India has requested all ministries and departments, along with their attached and subordinate entities, to extensively disseminate information about the Y-Break@workplace - yoga at chair initiative among their employees. The aim is to raise awareness and encourage participation in this practice across the various branches and organisations.

The order further includes references to the protocol's instructional videos available on YouTube, specifically the links:,,, and Additionally, the order highlights the Yoga portal as a resource for accessing the Y-Break protocol.

The AYUSH ministry has developed the Yoga Break (Y-Break) protocol to assist professionals in relieving stress, rejuvenating themselves, and improving focus. This protocol comprises a series of light practices that can be easily incorporated into a few minutes of break from work.

As mentioned by the ministry, the protocol encompasses a selection of simple Yoga practices, including 'asanas' (postures), 'pranayama' (breathing techniques), and 'dhyana' (meditation).

"It has been carefully developed by eminent experts and a tested protocol. In this line, we have prepared and launched Y-Break at workplace," you can find comprehensive information on the AYUSH ministry's website, which includes four videos titled Yoga at Chair, Yoga for Workaholics 1, Yoga for Workaholics 2, and Yoga Break.

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