Research: Building a learning culture for a distributed workforce

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Building a learning culture for a distributed workforce

The emerging importance of remote workforce and the need for meaningful training.
Building a learning culture for a distributed workforce

According to the Future Workforce Report nearly two-third (63 percent) of companies today have remote workers, yet a majority of them lack policies that address remote workers. A similar report revealed that 70 percent of firms used gig workers in India over the last one year.

As corporations are looking towards 'branchless' growth, they are expanding beyond ‘Tier 1’ cities, managing the gig economy, and increasing temporary staff. This manifests as cutting down on real estate costs, offering employees more flexible work models, and investing in expertise located anywhere and everywhere around the world, resulting in geographically dispersed collaborations. In this changing context, understanding the dynamics of distributed teams is a timely consideration.

As organizations become more dispersed and distributed, leaders are challenged by the logistics of providing effective training to staff based out of various geographical locations. The on-site workforce has forced leaders to rethink the traditional ways of learning.

To understand how organizations are ‘future-proofing’ their distributed teams, People Matters in partnership with Enparadigm surveyed HR professionals to address the question of ‘How to create an effective training model that can address the learning needs of a distributed workforce.

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