Video: Addressing the selection and elimination dilemma for hiring

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Addressing the selection and elimination dilemma for hiring

Shashir Shetty, National Sales Manager, Pearson TalentLens and Mohit Gundecha, CEO and Co-founder, Jombay talk about entry level hiring.

Entry level hiring has always been a tricky affair. You have to hire at scale and there's always a struggle for resources. To start with, there is always an unparalleled dearth of talent. Then the tools at your disposal to filter candidates are limited in their scale and ability to help you identify the right hire. And on the flip side, because of so many tools, you are stuck and lost in a clunky recruitment process.This dance of elimination and selection filters is indeed challenging and we need to fundamentally change the way we approach workforce challenges especially with respect to making the right hire.

Understanding and embracing this concern has led Pearson to design an approach for talent recruitment and selection process which is scientific and yet time effective. Pearson TalentLens and Jombay have come together to introduce a new age methodology of measuring aptitude and attitude. It is based on the notion that it's the combination of the core softer aspects and the cognitive aspects that differentiate a talent/top-potential from a non-talent/non-potential.

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