Video: Decoding Adoption of Wellness Benefits: HR Leader’s Perspective

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Decoding Adoption of Wellness Benefits: HR Leader’s Perspective

From designing to execution, the last few years have seen a rise in investments and time towards creating wellness programs relevant to the company. But the efficacy of such programs critically hinges on the adoption of wellness benefits.

In this webcast, we shall explore:

  • What employee trends and preferences determine the adoption of wellness programs?
  • How can using digital healthcare tools improve the adoption of wellness benefits? What critical strategies are necessary to leverage digital tools successfully?
  • What is the best way to create wellness benefits relevant to employees? Should a prescriptive best practices model be followed, or is customisation the future?
  • How can HR leaders create future-ready wellness programs that can be successful in an era marked by rapid changes to how we work?
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Topics: Strategic HR, C-Suite

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