Video: Big Data: Is it the Game changer for Hiring?

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Big Data: Is it the Game changer for Hiring?

Prince Jayakumar, Director-Talent Acquisition, Cognizant talks about how the use of Big Data has emerged as a game changer in the HR landcape because of the varied opportunities it presents.

Analytics is the buzz word today and every business function worth its salt is talking about using Big Data to strategize its future. With the emergence of Big Data in the HR landscape, what are the actual opportunities it presents? Has big data really become a game changer in hiring? Learn how Big Data can radically change the way recruitment processes are managed and administered, increases the odds of hiring successfully, improves the ability to find unique and valuable insights, and increase the acceptance of data driven knowledge related to people, etc. The webinar answers the question as to whether talent solutions on big data is the essence of the future.

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