Video: Hiring the changing workforce mix: Gen Y vs Gen X

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Hiring the changing workforce mix: Gen Y vs Gen X

Seema Nambiar Arora, Sr. Director - People Resources, McDonald's India talks about different strategies of hiring the workforce mix of Gen X and Gen Y keeping in mind their changing career aspirations
‘One size does not fit all’ and HR & organizations need to accept that these two distinct but coexisting generations, which make up today’s workplace, have different lives and different drives. Their differences are real and here to stay and we need to acknowledge this dissimilarity and build our practices around them. A differential outlook for differential generations is the need of the hour.┬áThis webinar focuses on the following pointers: 1)Evolution of organizational strategies when hiring Gen X/Y 2) Tools to bridge the gap between the diverse workforce 3) Gen Y and their ever changing career aspirations/development 4) Attracting, Motivating and Retaining Gen X/Y
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