Article: Exclusive: Ayub Ali joins Ramee Group as Corporate HR Head, unveils plans for hiring & retention


Exclusive: Ayub Ali joins Ramee Group as Corporate HR Head, unveils plans for hiring & retention

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, the new Head of Corporate Human Resources emphasised the future of HR: strong human leadership skills and a focus on employee well-being will be paramount for navigating the modern workplace and driving organisational success.
Exclusive: Ayub Ali joins Ramee Group as Corporate HR Head, unveils plans for hiring & retention

Ramee Group of Hotels has appointed Mr Ayub Ali as the new Corporate Human Resources Department Head. In his role as an HR Generalist, Mr Ali will spearhead training, development, and industrial relations across all properties. His responsibilities include aligning HR strategies with business objectives, providing managerial support, overseeing recruitment efforts, and fostering a positive work culture. 

Drawing from 19 years of extensive experience, Mr Ali has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of brands including Fariyas Hotels, IHG Group of Hotels, Radisson Group of Hotels, and Mayfair Hotels. In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, he shared insights into his expertise, outlined his future strategies at Ramee Group of Hotels, and delved into discussions on industry trends, retention strategies, hiring practices, and more.

In making his decision to join the HR Leadership Team at Ramee Group of Hotels, Mr Ali emphasised the influence of the organisation's illustrious history, spanning over three decades, and its substantial footprint in both the Indian and global markets. Additionally, he drew inspiration from the esteemed leadership of Chairman Mr Raj Shetty and Managing Director Mr Rajit V Shetty.

“Their strategic direction, particularly the expansion into new experiential luxury concepts exemplified by the launch of Ramee Dream Hotel in Dubai, showcased a forward-thinking approach that resonated with me. Furthermore, the company's ambitious plans to develop luxury properties in key demographics like India and Middle East, coupled with its commitment to unique destinations demonstrated a commitment to growth and diversification,” he said. 

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Retention and hiring

In addition to finding inspiration from his current organisation, Mr. Ayub Ali shared how the experiences and leadership insights gained from his previous roles have contributed to his growth. These learnings have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of industry and business dynamics, particularly in areas such as hiring strategies, retention efforts, strategic planning, and policy formulation.

Furthermore, Mr Ali emphasised his commitment to fostering professional growth and development among employees. At Ramee Group of Hotels, he envisions implementing training and development initiatives aimed at enhancing skills and fostering continuous learning. This includes the introduction of programs that facilitate cross-training opportunities, streamlining processes, and providing comprehensive training to staff members to deepen their understanding of the business. “I also encourage the staff to attend workshops, conferences or events to broaden their knowledge of the industry,” he told People Matters. 

“Moreover, it's important to build a positive and proactive work environment that further encourages teamwork and collaboration. Providing positive feedback to employees and creating a safe and comfortable work environment. In the dynamic hospitality industry, I try to maintain a flexible schedule that allows staff to reconcile work and draft amd implement brand guidelines of the company with an interface to all departmental operational works and code of conduct which this industry really needs. It is important to have a holistic approach toward rewards and recognition at different levels and to maintain a high level of employee motivation at the workplace,” he added. 

Employee engagement 

Engaged employees are the backbone of a successful organisation, as they are more committed, motivated, and productive in their roles. To drive engagement and cultivate a positive work environment across the organisation’s diverse portfolio of hotels within the Ramee Group, the new Corporate Human Resources Department Head’s top priority is investing in training and development. “By providing comprehensive onboarding, skill-specific training, and opportunities for self-motivation, we aim to empower our employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles,” he stressed. 

Training initiatives will focus on enhancing customer service and other necessary skills, ensuring that our staff can deliver exceptional experiences to our guests. “Moreover, we recognise the importance of an engaged workforce in achieving our goals, and we are committed to fostering a culture where employees feel valued and motivated. By prioritising ongoing training and development, we are dedicated to nurturing the growth and success of our employees, ultimately fostering a positive and vibrant work environment across all Ramee Group hotels,” Mr Ayub Ali stated. 

What does the future hold? 

While discussing the approach to identifying individuals whose skills, values, and goals resonate with those of the Ramee Group of Hotels, Mr Ali also delved into the HR trends of 2024. These trends are strategically positioned to address the challenges posed by the hybrid work model, with the objective of optimising productivity and fostering collaboration in both remote and in-person settings. “This includes refining policies, technologies, and communication strategies to support seamless transitions between different work environments. Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into HR processes is expected to revolutionise talent management practices. AI-powered tools will automate routine tasks, offer predictive analytics for informed decision-making, and enhance efficiency across various HR functions such as recruitment, training, and performance evaluation,” he shared. 

“Furthermore, the future of HR will emphasise the cultivation of strong human leadership skills and a heightened focus on employee well-being. Effective leadership will be crucial in navigating the complexities of the modern workplace and driving organisational success. HR professionals will play a pivotal role in identifying and nurturing leadership potential within the organisation, while also championing initiatives to support employee mental health, work-life balance, and overall wellness. By prioritising both leadership development and employee well-being, organisations can foster a positive work culture, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth and success,” he added. 

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