Article: Sketchnote: Top 5 Behaviors of Design-Driven Organization


Sketchnote: Top 5 Behaviors of Design-Driven Organization

Design is becoming a key priority for many successful organizations. However, the question arises as to whether organizations can drive the elements of design within their organizations? It is indeed possible if organizations foster certain key behaviors of design thinking among its people. Let's look at some of those behaviors through this sketchnote.
Sketchnote: Top 5 Behaviors of Design-Driven Organization

Some of today's successful organizations are making 'design' a priority. This is not just to meet customers' expectations but it is also about realizing its potential as a key differentiator that drives organizations to outperform in the market. Many organizations have CEOs who are designers while many other leading organizations have key people in influential positions such as Chief Design Officers. To drive the element of design in any organization, it is not imperative to hold degrees in fine arts and design- it is, in fact, more important to instill the right behavior among the people within the organization and it should happen at every level in the organization. This sketchnote attempts at exploring some of the key behaviors of the design-driven organization.

Credits: Original Article by Tim Brown

Topics: Diversity, Life @ Work

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