Article: State of Talent Acquisition in India 2018


State of Talent Acquisition in India 2018

Win the talent war by understanding how the industry is changing
State of Talent Acquisition in India 2018

The business ecosystem is fiercely getting affected by the digital, economic, demographic, and social factors. These rapid changes in business are imposing a significant challenge for business & HR leaders to organize, recruit, develop, manage, and engage talent.

According to a report "Talent Acquisition in India, 2018"published by Mettl, the pace of technological and marketplace change will continue to create demand for new skill sets and job roles. Organizations that will create a  blended approach and provide flexible work structures in cohorts with employee aspirations will be best positioned to attract the right talent for the right job.

Here are the key findings from the report:

  1. Most of the recruiters agree on the fact that Talent Acquisition is one of the top challenges for the organization
  2. A considerable increase in the Hiring Budget 2018 to be seen by the organizations

  3. Startups would face the Talent crunch more this year as compared to 2017

  4. Social Media turns out to be the top sources to get talent from

 You can view the full report here.


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