Article: Are You In The List 2016 winner: Apoorva Pradhan


Are You In The List 2016 winner: Apoorva Pradhan

Apoorva Pradhan of TCS wants to keep the continuous evolution in HR.
Are You In The List 2016 winner: Apoorva Pradhan

Genuine, simple, inquisitive – describe Apoorva the best. Armed with Masters in Management Studies, her foray into HR was inspired by her own Grandfather whom she gives credit for her HR acumen. She describes HR as a ‘Catalyst’ and describes her Are You in The List Journey as “very Intellectually- stimulating, people- binding journey of self- discovery.” She loves to travel. 

Apoorva Pradhan, Assistant Manager, Talent Engagement, TCS

One thing you will:

Start in HR: Better collaboration. We need to start better connect within HR fraternity so as to bind this ever expanding community. 

Continue in HR: Continuous evolution. We have come a long way from the times of personnel management to today’s world of social HR. 

Stop in HR: Redundant processes. 

As an emerging HR leader, one thing which brings great pride to you: 

I have evidently been able to bring people together to solve mutual challenges & been much appreciated for it. I was able to bring all Business leaders of a particularly stressed location together in a forum where operational problems creating huge issues to delivery were converted into effective solutions. This paved the way for a much bigger long term aim of collaboration.

Biggest flaw in the way organizations operate today, and how do you plan to fix that:

Integration. Departments tend to work in silos. Meanwhile not only do we lose focus on the wider organizational goal but we also tend to harbour negative feelings towards our own people working in other teams creating a loss of oneness. I intend to solve this problem by introducing several initiatives in a social framework since problems tend to give way to solutions when people truly collaborate for a joint effort. Call it OD interventions, I will ensure that such forums are given priority even beyond performance measurement.

What makes the difference while you are in HR in a corporate set up:  

In my experience, the ability to build strong relationships through capability, trust & genuineness has helped me to set myself apart not only in the eyes of my HR seniors but also senior business leaders. The respect that I enjoy today amongst people across organizational lines in our Corporate set up is also a result of humility combined with capability.

In 5 years, you see yourself as: 

I believe it may not be right to set a fixed path since we operate in a dynamic world and need to be open to innovative options. I would love to see myself as a Consultant specializing in the field of HR and helping bring business to my organization by liaising with clients.

I would love to see myself as a Consultant specializing in the field of HR and helping bring business to my organization by liaising with clients.

Your Are You In The List Journey:

A very Intellectually- stimulating, people- binding journey of self- discovery. It truly pushed me to think outside the box in the real sense of the term by testing me on all aspects of Leadership like Marketing, Communication, Finance, Planning etc. even beyond our regular practice of HR. It instigated to think beyond the one track we are used to. It helped me to know my own thoughts & dwell upon my achievements so it was actually a mindfulness exercise which brought with it peace and energy.


  • As an emerging HR leader, what keeps you up at night: The thought of what is the next new thing I will innovate in this ever evolving profession & environment. I am inquisitive & hungry to learn & develop something new hence the thought of a new adventure in my profession is enough to keep me up all night.

  • Describe today’s HR in one line: Your go- to person for advice in matters where you need a multi-faceted view.

  • Who is your inspiration to be an HR professional: My grandfather is my inspiration to enter HR stream. He worked in a reputed Bank; believed in variety in work, multiskilling & importance of knowing business to be successful in HR.

  • Qualities which differentiate you from other participants: Humility, genuineness, originality & simplicity.

  • A stranger’s first impression of yours would be: A no- nonsense no-frills kind- hearted woman of few words.

  • Who or What are your biggest strengths: Ability to build trust, creativity, pleasant personality which induces people to want to connect, effective written, verbal & non- verbal communication.

  • One weakness you can do without: Too much attention to detail tends to demand time. 

  • If we have to automate you and ask you to keep one human quality, what should that be: Empathy.

  • Your Favourite book: The mystery code- it was the first novel I read as a kid. I enjoy it even today because I can relate to my own self as in how I am on an adventure to uncover the mysteries of human mind at workplace.

  • Your Hobby: Travel

  • One word that describes an HR professional: Catalyst

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