Article: People Matters' top stories for October, 2018


People Matters' top stories for October, 2018

We have curated the most read interviews, articles and news, picked exclusively for you.
People Matters' top stories for October, 2018

People Matters brings you the best stories for October. In this curated piece, you will go through articles, news, and interviews that are exclusively picked for our readers.  All the articles are most read, shared and commented by our readers. Happy Reading.

Technology is the agent of change: Mercer's CEO

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Peta Latimer, CEO of Mercer, Singapore, shares her insights and perspective on the evolving SEA talent landscape, growth markets, future of work, leadership and navigating structural shifts

When men say #MeToo

The article highlights the other side of #MeToo movement. The movement highlighted the sexual harassment faced by men at the workplace is also the glaring reality we have to accept. We should always keep in mind that harassment can’t be gender-centric anyone can be a victim. 

Shareholders want to remove Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook

This news took the industry aback when shareholders of social media company Facebook has proposed to remove the current CEO Mark Zuckerberg as Chairman citing the several high-profile scandals. The shareholders were also expecting to gain support from larger asset managers.

Does HR need a consulting arm?

This article gives an insight about different HR consulting arm. Be it a service or a product-based organization, competition is omnipresent and the top of the mind solution that most business leaders come up with is cost-optimization. 

I’m looking forward to the day when we no longer have to say woman CEO : Irina Novoselsky, CareerBuilder

In an exclusive interaction with People Matters, Irina speaks about how aside from leading CareerBuilder in writing the next chapter, she is excited to be part of a leadership team that is growing more diverse.

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