News: Women fuel India's tech surge, yet leadership gap persists


Women fuel India's tech surge, yet leadership gap persists

India boasts a world-leading 43% of women in STEM, but only 8% reach tech C-suite positions.
Women fuel India's tech surge, yet leadership gap persists

India's burgeoning tech sector is experiencing a significant shift, with women's participation set to rise by 24.3% across all levels by 2027, according to a new report by TeamLease Digital.

While this growth is encouraging, a persistent challenge remains: the stark underrepresentation of women in C-suite and tech leadership positions. Despite boasting the world's highest percentage of women in STEM (43%), India's tech boardrooms paint a vastly different picture.

The report reveals positive trends in women's employment in tech roles within both technology-focused and non-tech industries. Women's representation in tech positions at Global Capability Centers (GCCs) is expected to climb from 25% to 35% by 2027.

Over 40% of hirings in the BFSI, Manufacturing, Consumer, and Retail sectors are projected to be women, for both tech and non-tech roles.

However, the report also highlights a glaring disparity. While women comprise 34% of entry-level tech positions, this number declines sharply as seniority increases. Only 11% of leadership roles (15-20 years of experience) and a mere 8% of C-suite positions are held by women.

“This imbalance underscores the need for comprehensive and sustained interventions to address the systemic barriers hindering women from reaching the top of India's tech industries," comments Munira Loliwala, AVP of Strategy and Growth at TeamLease Digital.

"Addressing these challenges will be crucial to ensure India fully benefits from the diverse perspectives and talent women bring to the tech workspace.”

Despite India's leadership in women's STEM participation, this progress has not translated proportionally to women's leadership in the technology sector. The report cites that a multitude of factors contribute to this, including unconscious bias, lack of equitable promotion opportunities, and challenges in balancing work and family responsibilities.

While India's tech ecosystem is evolving positively, achieving true gender equality in the industry requires a concerted effort from policymakers, industry leaders, and society as a whole.

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