News: 60% of India Inc staff unhappy with their reporting managers: A survey


60% of India Inc staff unhappy with their reporting managers: A survey

In a recent study by TimesJobs of 1,005 working professionals, it is revealed that 60% of India Inc staffs are not happy with their reporting managers.
60% of India Inc staff unhappy with their reporting managers: A survey

The study had some very worrisome data points with unappreciative nature of the boss topping the list of disturbing workplace elements. 80% of them also reported of not being appreciated for their work in the previous months and a whopping 90% said that their manager does not know what motivates his/her team members to be productive. 

Reasons for being unhappy with reporting manager

Of the employees who raised concerns about the lack of recognition at the workplace, only 5% said that they are appreciated weekly. 20% of them said they are appreciated only monthly. In fact, 35% claimed they have never been appreciated for their contribution to the workplace only quarterly while 30% said they are appreciated annually. Sadly, 10% of them have never been appreciated at their work. 

Nearly 15% feels that they have a biased boss followed by 10% who face difficulties in getting along with their bosses.

Shedding more light on the overall state of work culture in India Inc, only 5% rated their reporting manager to be excellent in providing reward and recognition while 30% felt they are poor. 25% felt they are just good and the remaining 30% said as being satisfactory. 

A highly engaged and regularly motivated workforce is essential in today's’ competitive environment to ensure success and a dissatisfied employee is a liability which no organization can afford.

So reporting managers should gear up and look after their team and create an atmosphere of positivity and productivity. 

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