News: Cleartrip bolsters its product team with Rajiv Thondanoor as Chief Product Officer


Cleartrip bolsters its product team with Rajiv Thondanoor as Chief Product Officer

As Cleartrip embarks upon its journey of becoming an innovative travel-needs platform, the leadership team has been bolstered with the appointment of Rajiv Thondanoor as the Chief Product Officer, who has also worked with Ola.
Cleartrip bolsters its product team with Rajiv Thondanoor as Chief Product Officer

Rajiv Thondanoor has been appointed as the Chief Product Officer of Cleartrip. With more than 16 years of experience in consumer internet and enterprise businesses, Thondanoor brings in extensive knowledge about customer demands and designing holistic experiences for the end consumer. 

Most recently he was the Vice President of Product at Ola where he was not only in-charge of redefining customer experience but also the drivers’ experience with the ride-hailing app. 

“The travel space is undergoing a massive change--not only is it growing at a rapid pace, the needs and expectations of travelers are also evolving rapidly,” Thondanoor said. “I strongly believe that we have just scratched the surface when it comes to solving for these changing needs and continuing to delight travelers.” 

Recently, Cleartrip is making major changes to its product by launching new features such as a 2-D filter for fare vs. duration view and a higher level of multi-city capabilities. To that end, they required someone with Thondanoor’s expertise at a critical juncture of their transformation journey, according to Stuart Crighton, CEO, Cleartrip. 

Rajiv Thondanoor has also been associated with several Indian brands as well as Silicon Valley giants such as,, CBS Interactive, and Boston Consulting Group. 

In a day and age where the focus of service providers across various industries has shifted towards providing the best and sophisticated user experience, the demand for versatile product officers who possess not only the customer behavior knowledge but also practical know-how of the technological foundations of the product continues to increase. 

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