News: Businesses with intra-company succession plans more in India: DDI


Businesses with intra-company succession plans more in India: DDI

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The Indian Leadership Forecast launched by Talent Management Expert, Development Dimensions International (DDI) revealed that the number of businesses in India having intra-company succession plans for their mid-level managers is decidedly more than anywhere else in the world. The report also reflected an increased demand for internal leadership development due to the high growth rate of organizations in the recent years. The statistics suggest that 61% of Indian organizations have a process to identify high-potential Leaders compared with 50% of the global organizations. High-potential leaders that are placed in accelerated development programmes are more positive and confident about their future roles. Nearly 42% of Indian organizations have such special programmes in place to help leaders face future challenges.

These frameworks enable leaders to identify the areas that they find challenging, discover what is expected of them in their new roles and help new leaders implement a development plan, which can be applied in their daily activities. They also aim at developing effective decision-making skills managing relationships for greater impact. Organizations in India are more effective at clearly communicating the importance of such leadership modules by monitoring them at regular levels and intervals. Economic Developments in India have put the focus on how to develop and prepare leaders to manage in a growing economy. The primary business priorities for Indian organizations according to their top executives are growth and improving and leveraging their talent. Commenting on the Leadership Forecast Report findings, Richard Wellins, Senior Vice President, DDI, said,” Leadership transition can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, most notably because leaders are expected to be successful in the new role. Good leadership will be important in the future, to help control costs, cope with increasing change and tackle the expected upturn."

For excerpts of the interview with Richard Wellins and more details on Indian Leadership Forecast by DDI, look out for the September issue of People Matters.

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