News: Xiaomi India President denies layoff rumors, assures no employee firings in 2023


Xiaomi India President denies layoff rumors, assures no employee firings in 2023

In addition to addressing layoffs, Muralikrishnan also discussed Xiaomi's efforts to bolster its presence in the offline retail sector.
Xiaomi India President denies layoff rumors, assures no employee firings in 2023

Amidst recent reports suggesting a significant reorganisation and concerns about declining market share and operational efficiency, Xiaomi India's President, Muralikrishnan B, firmly asserted that the company will not be conducting any employee layoffs in India this year. 

He emphasized the company's unwavering focus on profitability to address the challenges at hand.

Previous reports had suggested that Xiaomi India intended to downsize its workforce to under 1,000 employees, sparking speculation about potential layoffs. Allegedly, the company had already terminated around 30 employees, with further job cuts in the pipeline, as stated by some former Xiaomi employees. 

Nonetheless, Muralikrishnan vehemently refuted these claims, asserting that no pink slips were being issued.

As reported by India Today, he clarified that organizational restructuring is sometimes essential to align with the company's strategic objectives, ensuring improved efficiency and role clarity. 

However, it was emphasized that any rumours pertaining to employee layoffs are untrue. The focus remains on maintaining the appropriate structure to effectively execute the company's strategy.

“You will, in the interest of efficiency in the interest of clarity of roles, restructure your organisation whenever required to suit the needs of the strategy. And we've done that, and we continue doing that. To all speculations on us firing people, that is something that I will flatly deny,” Muralikrishnan said.

“There is a strategy. There is a structure that needs to follow that strategy. And as long as the structure is optimised and efficient to deliver that strategy, that is the right structure that we will adopt,” he added.

Muralikrishnan also touched upon Xiaomi's endeavours to expand its presence in the offline retail sector. The company's objective is to raise the contribution of offline sales to 60 percent of its total sales. 

He conveyed his optimism regarding the growth prospects in the offline space and emphasized the company's efforts to enhance retail margins and uphold price consistency, all aimed at instilling confidence in their sales channels.

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