News: TCS faces talent crisis: 80,000 open jobs highlight critical skill gap


TCS faces talent crisis: 80,000 open jobs highlight critical skill gap

The skill gap has become a concern for employers, including TCS. They are finding it difficult to fill open positions.
TCS faces talent crisis: 80,000 open jobs highlight critical skill gap

Despite emerging as a leader in GenAI adoption, the skill gap continues to hit employers in India. They struggle to fill the open positions due to the skill gap.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is reportedly struggling to find candidates with adequate skills to fill 80,000 open positions. According to the Times of India report, TCS has depended on contractors to fill these gaps.

TCS recently hit the headlines after more than 20 employees in the United States complained to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The complaint alleged that the company engaged in discriminatory practices based on race and age, favouring individuals with H1-B visas over existing employees.

TCS is among other IT majors in India that have been delaying the onboarding of freshers. According to the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), more than 10,000 freshers have been affected by these delays over the past two years.

Infosys is another IT company that has been repeatedly delaying the onboarding of over 2,000 campus recruits. NITES urged the Ministry of Labour & Employment to investigate Infosys for repeatedly delaying the onboarding.

“These delays, ongoing for more than two years, have caused significant hardship for the affected graduates. Many graduates had accepted Infosys’s offer letters in good faith, turning down other opportunities. Now facing financial strain and uncertainty due to the lack of income and a clear onboarding timeline, these young professionals feel Infosys has broken their trust.”

NITES urged the Ministry to intervene to ensure Infosys fulfills its obligations to these new hires. 

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