News: Betterplace launches AI and ML-based onboarding platform

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Betterplace launches AI and ML-based onboarding platform

The onboarding platform includes Real-Time Streaming analytics with data pipelines and ML Algorithms for face recognition, OCRs, and predictive analytics.
Betterplace launches AI and ML-based onboarding platform

Betterplace, an Indian based comapny which offers tech platform for blue-collar workforce management launches Onboard, a new product that focuses on streamlining the process of hiring.  Part of the brand’s all-in-one lifecycle HRMS platform, Onboard will ensure increased efficacy through an AI-driven digital solution that enables smart search with extensive customization to suit business workflow. Onboard will ensure increased efficacy through AI-driven automation and extensive customisations to suit business workflows.

Onboard, available on smartphones and desktops, is built using the latest technologies and event-driven Microservices architecture as per cloud-native standards to make sure the product is scalable on a modularised platform. It also offers high standards of enterprise security with in-rest and in-transit Data encryption, personal data protection, and secure private clouds. It includes Real-Time Streaming analytics with data pipelines and ML Algorithms for face recognition, OCRs, and predictive analytics. It also offers robust API Integrations for connecting with other IT systems.

With pandemic continuing to impact business operations, Betterplace’s all-in-one lifecycle management platform offers employers great flexibility to Hire and Manage employees virtually. The platform has been made to mitigate covid risks through features like facial recognition and geofencing which will help in running touchless contact for attendance.

Komal Prajapati, CTO & Product head, Betterplace said, “While hiring and managing new employees, many companies use the manual timeworn process, which leads to errors, lack of transparency, therefore impacting large-scale operations. Onboard uses AI and ML integrated technologies to provide a seamless employee management solution. With a highly secured automated process, an organisation can save about 30 min to 1 hour per candidate on registration formalities. The dashboard also gives access to real-time analytics, employee demographics, and attrition rate.”

Onboard is launched to suit specific needs for individual sites in an organisations distributed workforce setting, by having easy organizational setup & document configuration which focuses on Data & Vendor Management. The Data Management has a seamless workflow & registry creation across departments which also ensures the keeping of employee records. Vendor Management helps to manage vendors and ensure transparency which has direct integration with the Betterplace ecosystem.

The system for employee onboarding features customisable employee forms, a mobile app for self-onboarding, bulk workflows, and  AI-technology based automation and data checks. It collects, stores, and manages the employee data which is then shared across stakeholders who also help in mobile/remote onboarding. The system offers the fastest automated PF & ESI registrations, which auto-generates government and company policy documents, facilitates the digital signing of the documents by employees, and maintains signed documents in the portal. 

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