News: Unemployment is India's biggest problem: Pew Research

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Unemployment is India's biggest problem: Pew Research

According to a study by Pew Research Centre, Indian adults believe unemployment is the country’s most significant issue.
Unemployment is India's biggest problem: Pew Research

According to a survey, Indian adults feel lack of jobs and growing inflation are the biggest concerns for the nation. Pew Research Center revealed the findings of its study where it was found that 76 percent of adults in India see unemployment as the critical issue for the country. About 73 percent of respondents believed that rising prices are another major issue in India.

Besides unemployment and inflation, corruption, terrorism, crime, economic disparity, poor quality schools, air pollution, health care and communal relations as the major problems were found to be significant problems as revealed by the respondents.

The study by Pew also revealed that despite an estimated 3.5 percent formal unemployment rate, 18.6 million Indians were jobless. Another 393.7 million worked in poor-quality jobs vulnerable to displacement.

Moreover, most of the respondents don't believe that the conditions have improved during the five years of the Modi government. Around 67 percent of the respondents believe that matters have gone worse. This includes 47 percent who say that the job scenario has gotten much worse. Only 21 percent of Indians responded that job opportunities have grown in the past five years, the survey showed.

On inflation, which emerged as the second most concerning issue in the survey, 65 percent of Indian adults said that prices of goods and services have gotten worse in the past five years. Only 19 percent opined that prices have got better during this period.

Despite the growing concerns over the Indian economy, around 65 percent of Indians responded that the financial situation of the average people in India has improved from what it was 20 years ago. However, the report pointed out signs of unrest.

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