News: Internal mobility to upskilling: These are HR's top priorities in 2024: LinkedIn

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Internal mobility to upskilling: These are HR's top priorities in 2024: LinkedIn

With AI and automation altering skill demands, 98 percent of Indian employers are observing significant shifts in the skill sets they seek in job candidates.
Internal mobility to upskilling: These are HR's top priorities in 2024: LinkedIn

Internal mobility, the practice of facilitating employees' movement within an organisation to different roles or departments, is increasingly gaining prominence in today's workforce landscape. This strategy not only benefits employees by offering opportunities for career growth and development but also serves as a valuable talent retention tool for organisations.

According to LinkedIn’s latest 'Workplace Learning Report', 48 per cent of hiring managers in India are offering career advancement opportunities to retain and attract top talent. HR managers also emphasise the importance of helping employees develop skills for the future of work (38 per cent) and offering competitive salary and benefits (31 per cent) to retain top talent. 

Moreover, highlighting career advancement opportunities (59 per cent) and increasing internal mobility (51 per cent) are seen as crucial for attracting top talent. In addition, the report highlights that upskilling employees, aligning learning programs with business objectives, and fostering a culture of learning are the top three priorities for Learning & Development (L&D) professionals in India in 2024. 

As AI and automation reshape skill requirements, 98 per cent of Indian employers are witnessing notable changes in their desired skill sets for job candidates. Beyond AI proficiency, companies increasingly seek candidates with strong soft skills and a demonstrated capacity for learning. 

The report highlights that 91 per cent of L&D professionals in India recognise human skills as increasingly competitive in the economy. 'Communication' has emerged as the top in-demand skill according to LinkedIn’s 2024 list across all APAC countries, including India. 

The report also emphasises the significance of soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, which rank among the top five skills deemed crucial by hiring managers in India amidst the AI era. 

In India, companies are prioritising skill enhancement to bolster employees’ confidence and job security. This involves offering online training and development programs (53 per cent) and providing opportunities for hands-on experimentation with Gen AI tools (54 per cent), as outlined in the report. 

The growing emphasis on fostering a culture of learning is expected to drive greater investments in learning opportunities. The report highlights that 96 per cent of L&D professionals in India believe they can demonstrate business value by assisting employees in acquiring skills to transition into various internal roles.

“Last year, we saw a 21x surge in job postings mentioning ChatGPT or GPT on LinkedIn, reflecting the growing demand for tech skills as businesses explored AI. This year, we are seeing a pronounced shift towards skills - both technical and soft skills - to thrive in the era of AI. With skills for jobs globally expected to change by 68 per cent by 2030, we are seeing a greater emphasis on learning both technical and soft skills with a majority of employers surveyed agreeing that this balance will be critical for organisations to succeed in the age of AI,” said Ruchee Anand,  Senior Director - Talent, Learning and Engagement Solutions at LinkedIn India.

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