News: NRI executives line up for jobs in India


NRI executives line up for jobs in India

Many senior Indian professionals working across the US, UK and other parts of Europe are looking at the Indian job market as they prepare for a homecoming. While the influx has been visible for a while, the pace seems to have quickened. Interestingly these Indian-origin executives who are now looking to return home are coming in at salaries similar to what they were getting abroad. Retail, FMCG, financial services, IT, mining and power have benefitted from these highly-qualified Indians looking to come home.

According to recruiters, they used to receive a few CVs a month from overseas Indians, and now the numbers are in hundreds from senior professionals working in IT services, banking, retail, telecom, hospitality and automotive in the US and Europe. It's not only the slowdown in the economy that is leading senior professionals to come back to India, it's also the fact that now India businesses have the scale to absorb such global talent. Indian companies too need global best practices to help them grow further and NRI executives looking for jobs in India is a welcome sign.

Source: The Economic Times

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