News: Over 2 hours in daily meetings affects productivity: Slack survey

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Over 2 hours in daily meetings affects productivity: Slack survey

Strategies such as pausing internal meetings for a week or implementing a complete halt on Fridays are gaining popularity to tackle the productivity impact of extended meeting hours.
Over 2 hours in daily meetings affects productivity: Slack survey

In any corporate setting, meetings play a pivotal role. These discussions, whether with peers, seniors, or juniors, mark the initial steps in addressing numerous issues and seeking solutions. The lockdown era transitioned these crucial meetings into a virtual setup, a trend that persists with remote or hybrid work models. However, did you know that regardless of being virtual or in person, any meeting stretching beyond 2 hours tends to breed unproductivity? 

Efficient meetings are the lifeblood of progress, but excessive durations can have the opposite effect, leading to fatigue and reduced focus, revealed the latest survey from Slack Technologies. 

Workers increasingly express concerns about excessive meeting durations that impede their focus on crucial tasks. In response, several companies are rolling out strategies to curtail meeting overload. 

For instance, initiatives like a week-long hiatus from internal meetings or a complete halt on Fridays are gaining traction to address this issue head-on. Surveys reveal a notable consensus among executives and staff: there's a prevailing sentiment of having too many meetings, resulting in a scarcity of time for critical tasks. 

This overflow often forces workers to extend work hours, blurring the line between professional commitments and personal time, ultimately affecting their work-life balance and, consequently, productivity. 

This trend isn't just an inconvenience; it's a drain on resources. Large enterprises are haemorrhaging millions due to unnecessary meetings, prompting a quest for viable solutions. 

Strategies range from designated meeting-free periods to developing cost estimation tools for meetings. Furthermore, the advent of tools capturing meeting highlights and distributing concise summaries aims to curtail prolonged meeting hours. These innovative measures aspire to streamline communication and reduce dependency on lengthy sessions.

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