News: After laying off thousands, Meta to bring back fired employees and office perks


After laying off thousands, Meta to bring back fired employees and office perks

Dinner, happy hour, and company swag never truly disappeared; they were simply adapted in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic and our budget considerations, said a Meta spokesperson.
After laying off thousands, Meta to bring back fired employees and office perks

Following in the footsteps of numerous other companies, Meta opted for workforce reductions as a cost-saving strategy, leading to the departure of a staggering 21,000 employees earlier this year. However, Meta is now rehiring some of the employees it had previously let go.

Furthermore, Bloomberg reported that Meta has reinstated pre-pandemic perks for its employees, aiming to uplift their morale following a challenging year marked by layoffs and cost-cutting measures. This move comes in contrast to the earlier deprivation of various office benefits for the rest of the employees.

Moreover, an employee has asserted that the company has placed orders for branded T-shirts for its workers, a development seen as a positive indicator of the company's performance.

Regarding office perks, several restaurants within the company's Menlo Park, California office have resumed operations, with dinner service now starting at 6 pm, a shift from its previous later evening schedule. 

Employees can once again access laundry services, receive haircuts, and partake in Thursday happy hours. To encourage employees to return to the office at least three days a week, food vendors have also set up stalls on the premises.

A Meta spokesperson has confirmed to Bloomberg that the company is indeed reintroducing office perks for its employees, which encompass dinner and happy hours. The spokesperson explained, "Dinner, happy hour and company swag never really went away, merely adjusted given the pandemic and budgets."

Additionally, the previously sparse-looking snack bar and refrigerator have been replenished. Notably, the popular drink La Croix has made a comeback as well. However, despite the revival of certain office perks, it's worth noting that they still fall short of the benefits offered in the past. 

The report indicates that the perks are not quite on par with their previous levels. For instance, laundry service, which was once complimentary, now requires payment from employees. Additionally, some employees have voiced concerns that the quality of food offerings has declined compared to what was available before.

All of these developments have transpired in the wake of an announcement made back in August by Mark Zuckerberg's Meta. The company issued a firm warning that employees who do not adhere to its three-day-per-week office work policy could potentially face termination. This directive was implemented subsequent to the company's introduction of a three-day office work schedule.

The rule, which was scheduled to be implemented on September 5, applied to all Meta employees assigned to an office. Employees who were unable to meet the three-day requirement due to reasons such as a medical condition or disability were required to request an exception from their manager.

Employees were given the freedom to opt for the work-from-home option for the remaining two days. Nevertheless, they were strongly encouraged not to undermine the three-day office work rule, as it was deemed crucial for maintaining direct face-to-face interactions and collaboration.

Meta is not alone in requiring employees to come back to the office. Other tech companies, like X (Twitter) and Google, also made similar decisions, expressing their intentions to reintegrate employees into the office, either on a full-time basis or using a hybrid approach.

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