News: Indians are favourite for temporary hiring


Indians are favourite for temporary hiring

Given the flexibility of hiring for a particular need at a minimum cost, experts argue that Indians are becoming favorites among overseas companies looking for hiring temporary workers. While on one hand, temporary staffing help companies cut down staff costs at times when they do not have visibility about a similar project in future; on the other hand it helps professionals gain exposure on multiple organization, environment, platform and projects. According to Gi staffing services, the trend has gained momentum in the last four to five years and is growing by 15-20 percent per annum. People are getting hired purely on talent rather than academic performance in sectors like manufacturing, retail, automotive, healthcare and banking. Indian professionals engaged in power and energy, infrastructure, engineering procurement, construction and telecom sectors are also in high demand from overseas employer. The demand for temporary jobs is also coming from Latin America and African countries.

Source: The Economic Times

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