News: Cognizant plans 'wellness practices' for traumatised staff

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Cognizant plans 'wellness practices' for traumatised staff

Solution provider Cognizant said it is developing "the next generation of wellness practices" for traumatized staff on Facebook duty.
Cognizant plans 'wellness practices' for traumatised staff

After a report that claimed that content moderators at Facebook, fatigued by strict working conditions, have resorted to drugs and having sex at the workplace, Cognizant said it is working on "the next generation of wellness practices" for such employees. 

Over 1,000 Cognizant employees at its Phoenix, Arizona, office who are tasked with checking Facebook posts flagged for X-rated material or graphic violence, have been asked "not to discuss the emotional toll that their job takes on them, leading to increased feelings of isolation and anxiety", according to a report by The Verge. 

This resulted in low-earning employees smoke weed among other things such as "having sex inside stairwells, the parking garage and a room reserved for lactating mothers", according to the report. 

Cognizant told CRN that it has investigated the specific workplace issues raised in the report. 

"In addition to offering a comprehensive wellness programme at Cognizant, including safe and supportive work culture, 24x7 phone support and onsite counselor support to employees, Cognizant has partnered with leading [human resources] and wellness consultants to develop the next generation of wellness practices," the company was quoted as saying. 

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