Video: India's Biggest HR Research on CHRO Job function


India's Biggest HR Research on CHRO Job function

We bring to you the biggest ground breaking research in India on CHRO Job Function.This video elaborates the research thus making it extremely useful for India's HR Fraternity.

7 out of 10 CHROs surveyed in this year’s Study agree that business exposure is critical to be a successful HR leader. But only 4 out of 10 have ever served a non-HR role (with only 10% of those having led a sales role). Willingness to build business acumen is there as 80 per cent of CHROs surveyed plan to take a non-HR role soon. The question is: Will the CEO wait? What do CEOs want? 

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Topics: C-Suite, Leadership Development, Skills Assessments, #StateOfTheCHRO2015

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