Video: How technology will change every stage of the employee life-cycle


How technology will change every stage of the employee life-cycle

Technology is capable of generating incredible insights and can be used in shaping the experience for employees at every stage of their life cycle.

Technology is changing how the organizations deal with people. A simple app that is available to us can tell us about diversity at workplaces. Technology is all about collecting the relevant data points and providing the human resource personnel with incredible insights. 

Listen to Stephan Amling, Sr VP SAP SuccessFactors Asia, Dr Santrupt Misra, CEO of Carbon Black Business; Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and MD Nestle India, and Arvind Gupta, Chief Mentor, IdeasWall Incubator talk about privacy and data.

Watch the video for the complete session by Stephan Amling and QnA in the end.

This session is part of People Matters TechHR 2017.

Click here to read some insights from the session. 

Topics: #TechHR2017, C-Suite

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