News: BrowserStack goes Remote-First, aims to onboard global talent pool

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BrowserStack goes Remote-First, aims to onboard global talent pool

Ritesh Arora Co-founder,, in a linkedIn post shared that BrowserStack will be a remote-first company and people will have the flexibility to work from anywhere.
BrowserStack goes Remote-First, aims to onboard global talent pool

After Github, VMware, InVision, Zapier, Skillshare, Slack, and Twitter BrowserStack also decides to go Remote-First. Effective from14th September 2021, the employees at the Unicorn will have the flexibility to work from anywhere and the freedom to be more present where it matters the most—personal life, family, downtime, or whatever they choose. There will also be planned travel to the base location, occasionally, so teams can innovate, interact and build camaraderie.

Ritesh Arora Co-founder, wrote, "Pandemic or not, the health and well-being of our people are of utmost importance to us—and what we've learned from their resilience during these challenging times is that they're happier and more efficient when given the option to work from a location of their choice."

A remote-first culture enables people to work on their own schedule to deliver impactful work giving them more autonomy to plan time around their lives and not the other way around. 

Various reports and studies have reiterated the talent's demand for flexibility. It is encouraging to see companies respond to these changing priorities of talent and challenging their existing work models. It is not only the benefits of flexibility that BrowserStack looks forward to but also the opportunity of borderless hiring. 

"Another upside to going remote-first is it throws open a global talent pool to help us on our mission of empowering developers to build amazing experiences. BrowserStack is scaling rapidly, and creating a world-class team is at the heart of this journey," shared Ritesh. 


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