People Matters

List of webcasts

  1. Global Trends on hipo program
  2. Be branded-Build your social profile - Module 1
  3. Cyber Security Webcast
  4. Leveraging Digital Transformation
  5. Spotlight Webcast Series - Module 1
  6. Oracle Masterclass Series Mock
  7. Leading with Purpose
  8. Oracle Masterclass Series
  9. Pluralsight Webcast Series
  10. converge webcast
  11. Aon Best Employeers 2018
  12. CCL Webcast Series
  13. Humanizing Talent Technology
  14. BI Worldwide Webcast
  15. InnerGram Webcast
  16. TTE Webcast
  17. Adobe Webcast
  18. Oracle Panel Discussion
  19. TTE Webcast Module 2
  20. Indeed Webcast
  21. The next-frontier of recruitment challenges
  22. How to build an inbound recruiting strategy that attracts great candidates
  23. Masterclass Series on cracking the code of Employee Value Proposition
  24. Beyond Standard Deduction - How to boost employee retention and make job offers attractive?
  25. Dipstick on the current state of HR tech
  26. Digital Disruption: How will the roles of HiPos evolve?
  27. HireRight
  28. Global Trends on hipo program
  29. Future of talent
  30. A recruiter's guide to Content Strategy
  32. The impact and use cases of AI-based HR automation – what you should know
  33. How to apply design thinking to business problems
  34. Redefining Staffing Industry
  35. Employee health and engagement programs– How to effectively strategize and execute?
  36. Rewards Technology Trends in India
  37. webcast on employee volunteering
  38. HR Tech for Growth Companies
  39. How to recruit and build high-performing teams
  40. Klay Schools webcast
  41. Designing an employee recognition program
  42. Learning effectiveness
  43. Get ready for an augmented workplace
  44. How to manage a flexible workforce - Future of Work
  45. Hiring automation: How to hire more while working less
  46. Winning over the performance management
  47. How to use sports for employee engagement and productivity
  48. Role of behavioral competencies
  49. Re-imagining employee experience in business travel
  50. Employee expectations vs. Employer rewards – How to strike an effective balance
  51. Bridging the compensation disconnect - What employers expect and deliver
  52. five methods of learning
  53. development strategy for finance talent
  54. What does it take to make an HR Tech implementation deliver the desired ROI?
  55. Hiring graduates that outperform – How to attract, train and retain talent
  56. Co-Creation
  57. webcast on Coaching impact
  58. Gamification of Learning and Talent
  59. How should HR navigate shifting expectations
  60. MeToo
  61. Bridging the compensation disconnect
  62. Women Leadership webcast
  63. Shift from learning to behaviour
  64. Pluralsight webcast series v2
  65. Rejecting the bell curve
  66. Realistic Approaches to Leadership Learning
  67. Pharma-major Pfizer used analytics in L&D
  68. Five trends shaping the workplace of the future
  69. Igniting the Inner Fire
  70. Getting performance right with a new-age
  71. Mistakes managers are making
  72. The puzzle of stretch goals
  73. Building a service excellence culture
  74. CCL webcast series
  75. SAP Webcast Series 19
  76. Balancing personal and professional life
  77. Enabling employee self service
  78. Accelerate L&D through virtual sessions
  79. Strategize for success
  80. Illusion of an effective performance management
  81. Making corporate wellness programs work
  82. Screening and Shortlisting
  83. Employee Engagement Survey
  84. Swiggy Case Study
  85. Employability in the new age - What organizations and individuals need to know to stay relevant?
  86. Work, worker, workplace
  87. New Age Learning Formats for Millennials
  88. High performance learning culture
  89. Handling difficult conversation
  90. Strategy for effective talent acquisition
  91. Cracking collaboration
  92. Digital Learning at JSW
  93. Making sense of the HR tech
  94. How to create an agile workforce
  95. Degreed Webcast
  96. Executive Presence for HR Leaders
  97. Training FTM’s for building high performance teams
  98. Making Employee the owner of Performance Management
  99. Effective campus hiring strategy
  100. Mastering the art of optimizing your wellness budget
  101. HR analytics – How to start your journey and infer the right insights
  102. Great Manager as Great Leaders – The Leap
  103. Using new-age incentives for creating better employee experience
  104. Curation as a Foundational Skill
  105. People Dimension for Quality Culture
  106. Using benefits to drive a culture of wellbeing
  107. The Why and How of Motivating Millennials
  108. How the Workforce Learns
  109. Crafting a workplace that enhances employee experience
  110. Reimagining the L&D framework in 2020
  111. Decoding various elements of gender diversity
  112. Coaching for Scale Koach.AI
  113. Defining an ROI based employee wellbeing strategy for 2020
  114. Bridging the experience gap
  115. A guide to choose between Old and New Tax Regimes
  116. Selecting the Right Coach
  117. Augment HR functions with the digital workforce
  118. Effective change management initiative that work
  119. Workers changing preferences
  120. Building a workplace based on employees' strengths - The why & how
  121. 10 burning questions facing GICs to become future ready
  122. Building leaders of tomorrow
  123. Increase your Impact and Influence in 60 days
  124. Devising a workplace mental well-being strategy
  125. International Women' s Day: Building equitable workplaces
  126. Making technology the enabler for a great employee experience
  127. Keeping the mojo alive in your campus hire induction - A no-nonsense webcast
  128. Design Gap in the employee experience
  129. Business continuity in times of crisis - HR strategy to navigating the new normal
  130. Future proofing workplace from infectious disease outbreaks
  131. Tackling challenges of engaging employees in times of crisis
  132. Workplace Accountability
  133. Employee feedback during the COVID-19
  134. How to tackle continuously evolving skills in leadership
  135. digital transformation & learning
  136. How autonomous technology can boost HR’s role in business continuity
  137. HR Pandemic: Reinventing your talent management
  138. the new normal of work & workforce
  139. building a business case for your L&D program
  140. Reviving People Performance and Productivity
  141. build a sustainable talent pipelin
  142. A resilient workforce
  143. Indeed Top Jobs
  144. Remote Hiring Week 2020
  145. Reimagine Work Week 2020
  146. Wellbeing Week 2020
  147. Building 10 on 10 organizations_RaiseTheBar
  148. HRReboot - The road map to re-opening the workplace
  149. Top Jobs in India 2.0
  150. Future of work week
  151. HR Spotlight series
  152. Winning on Tech Talent
  153. Transformation in Action: A week to Unleash talent capabilities through skillin


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