Article: Embracing systemic solutions for workplace challenges

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Embracing systemic solutions for workplace challenges

HR leaders delve into the art of tackling workplace challenges – systemically or personally – underscoring the nuanced equilibrium between the two.
Embracing systemic solutions for workplace challenges

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, where technology seamlessly blends with human interactions, the role of Human Resources has undergone profound transformations. No longer limited to personnel management, today's HR orchestrates strategic planning, software integration, learning, diversity, and inclusion. As this role expands, a pivotal question takes centre stage: Should workplace challenges be addressed with sweeping systemic solutions or personalised, tailored approaches?

At TechHR 2023, a gathering of senior HR leaders shared insights on this topic.

Shruti Tandon, the Managing Director of People Enablement and the Custodian of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Nagarro,  emphasised the art of harmonising structured strategies with the unique adaptability of individuals, as she moderated the session.

Samik Basu, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Hindalco, shed light on the delicate equilibrium required. He highlighted that while systemic methods ensure organization-wide alignment, recognizing and nurturing individual potential through personalised attention is equally indispensable. This recurring theme painted a vivid picture of the potential pitfalls of systemic solutions overshadowing the intricate maze of individuality.

Expounding further, Samik stressed that while processes like performance management or wellness initiatives offer platforms, a genuine systemic approach demands comprehensive understanding and investigation. The rich data landscape offers profound insights into holistic issues.

For instance, the scope of employee wellness stretches beyond mere app-based programs; true systemic wellness entails addressing unique needs, from medical considerations to personalised stressors and role adjustments. In his words, a dynamic equilibrium between systemic solutions and tailored interventions becomes the compass to navigate by.

Raju Mistry, the President & Global Chief People Officer, Cipla added another layer of depth by exploring the influences shaping personal beliefs. Raju highlighted the significant role of family upbringing and education in moulding individual perspectives.

Raju underscored the need for systemic solutions that extend beyond workplace boundaries, reaching into the very fabric of society. This notion served as a poignant reminder that authentic transformation must ripple through every facet of life, transcending the corporate realm.

Systemic solutions lay the groundwork, and understanding individual needs fine-tune the resonance. The intricate dance of stress, team dynamics, and productivity often finds its origins in societal threads. This recognition underscored the imperative of a holistic transformation approach—a symphony of systemic change that encompasses both organisational and societal dimensions.

The conversation gracefully pirouetted towards the value of data-driven insights and the art of reimagining job design. Aligning roles with individual skills emerged as the cornerstone for crafting a good work experience.

When asked about comprehending and addressing the ever-evolving causes of stress, Samik emphasised the pivotal role of empathetic leadership. Leadership training, sensitization efforts, and a hybrid work model rooted in trust emerged as nurturing strategies for a supportive environment. These steps, he stressed, echo the organisation's profound commitment to holistic well-being.

Raju Mistry echoed these sentiments, pinpointing interaction with managers as a key stressor. Leadership training and sensitisation, he emphasized, are ongoing endeavours to hold managers accountable for cultivating a supportive ecosystem. This, he affirmed, is nurtured by active counselling, varied support mechanisms, and a culture that fosters comfort in accessing these offerings.

The discussion concluded on a resonating note: the art of embracing systemic solutions while nurturing the latent potential of each individual remains the compass guiding workplaces towards prosperity. The harmonious blend of systemic coherence and individual brilliance surfaces as the map traverses the intricate maze of modern workplace challenges.

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