Article: The New-Age HR Technologies and their Benefits


The New-Age HR Technologies and their Benefits

Cloud computing, social media and mobile HR will continue to drive the human resources development
The New-Age HR Technologies and their Benefits

The technological developments swirl the HR world. The processes are automated and social media and companies determine the work of the personnel manager.Technology and its related innovation are at its peak in recent times and HR technology is not untouched by this “wave of change”. The change in HR technology has taken a major leap by shifting its core focus to an employee-centric system, as compared to the earlier traditional employer-centric or HR manager-centric system.

The employees in banking from now work on paper-free and mobile or Tablet PC. On a virtual learning platform of the internet all teaching and learning materials are stored. The employees using the tablets save programs and transaction on the platform. The important data are therefore located in the network, or in the cloud.

Another application that HR and employee use is the chat function which facilitates the communication exchange among each other. This is called probably modern learning.

Now the companies are in a mood to adopt transitional phase in the work culture like –less seminars, more web-based learning in the workplace. HR provides e-learning based training and development to the employees to let them decide where they can use this.

A survey had been made by “SoftSelect” in the year 2011 that more than 4000 companies found IT support in the Payroll-unsurprisingly. The survey analyze travel cost management and time recording of the employee when he was travelling. The trend towards the IT support is however unique. At first only the administrative processes were affected, gradually more processes come into the business to do so. Recruiting, talent management, and e-learning are the areas that currently enjoy the most attention in terms of software support. With this the cloud computing, social media and mobile HR will continue to drive the Human Resource Development.

In the work of HR the talent management software supports a greater involvement of managers: What are the strengths of the employee-A? What is the potential employee-B? This technology helps them to bear no more piles of paper back and forth, and yes save their time. But IT support is also a question of professionalization. When a new employee comes into the company, not everything has to be gathered in tedious. Thesystem can recognize, what is left to do: set up, for example, e-mail account, inform the works council.

The thing which is very clear to view that the companies reduce the personnel departments’ bottom line with the industrialization of the HR department. The pressure on the recruiters comes from two sides: supply more quality and more efficient. So, to fulfill the business needs the HR must also deal with all the new developments that everywhere the talk is- especially social media. Some HR managers have already recognized the power of change comes in terms of social networks. One of them is certainly the personnel director of Metro Cash & Carry, Michael Picard. He said "Of all the technological trends social media has the greatest impact for me. They can be applied to any HR discipline”, this is especially true for recruiting. The picture of recruitment and hiring with the help of social networks and cultural change is clearly seen nowdays. Those looking for talent in particularly coveted professional groups, it can no longer afford to only serve ads and then wait until the applications will come. HR professionals need to be more self-search aspirant with a structured appeal. Help taken from social networks like LinkedIn and Xing shows a different direction in the way of recruitment and training and development.

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