Article: Using storytelling for talent acquisition

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Using storytelling for talent acquisition

Does collecting and sharing stories send the attractiveness of your company soaring and help in talent acquisition?
Using storytelling for talent acquisition
Imagine this is 1992, you are a 2nd year student and you have just received a 5 page letter from a friend who is one batch senior to you. Your friend has just spent the first 2 months of an 18 month training program at one of the leading FMCG companies in the country. A few excerpts from that letter read… “…places that cannot be covered by direct distribution e.g. small villages are covered by cinema vans. These vans are used as propaganda vehicles in order to increase awareness of our products. I have been working with one such van since yesterday. The villages we have covered are over 100 kms from Gorakhpur. During the day, we went to two villages where we setup stalls and used a loudspeaker to run ad jingles. We have now stopped for lunch under a tree and the driver and helper are cooking lunch. This evening, like yesterday, we will setup a screen in one of the villages where we will be showing a ‘chitrahar’ type film song reel interspersed with our...
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